Ako zvoliť správny záves


Výber vhodnéhoopona is necessary for every family. How to buy comfortable oponas according to their needs? Here are some tips.
Tip 1: Orientujte sa podľa orientácie.
Choose suitable oponas to decorate your ideal home decoration effect. For south-facing windows, the light is good, and gauze, thin cotton or silk fabrics are more suitable. The north-facing room is often dark, cold and dark, so you should choose warm oponas with a heavy feeling to increase the temperature.
If the home has windows facing east or west, then shading is the most important use of oponas. Shading oponas can not only block the glare, but also maintain the brightness of the room, making full use of natural light to illuminate the room. Adjacent to the windows of the bustling street, the light from street lights and billboards at night is also very strong. In order to have a stable sleep, thick oponas are needed to block them.
Tip 2: Venujte pozornosť vlastnostiamoponas.
For the connection between oponas and opona rods, when choosing this aspect, there are many methods, some of which are directly punched in the fabric, which is easy to pull back and forth. There is also the form of an outer bag, which looks beautiful on the front, but due to the high friction between the cloth and the rod, especially when the size of the bag is similar to the diameter of the rod, it is more difficult to pull back and forth; the sling form is very simple and suitable for thinner and lighter ones. Cloth.
The way of lacing is also not easy to pull, it is suitable for windows that are not often moved but for decorative purposes. It is recommended to buy a opona ring, which is easy to open and convenient for disassembly and replacement. Choosing oponas can play a vital role in our home decoration. In addition to the two points mentioned above, when choosing oponas, we should also pay attention to the overall color matching of the oponas and the characteristics of our home style, to see if it matches the characteristics of our home style, and whether the colors match. These are all when choosing oponas. , Faktory, ktoré je potrebné vziať do úvahy.
Tip 3: textúra
.Pri výbere textúryoponas, the function of the room should first be considered. Bathrooms and kitchens should choose practical and easy-to-wash fabrics, and the style should be simple and smooth; living room and dining room should be fully protected from external light and noise, and thicker fabrics should be selected; study oponas should be light-transmitting Sexual, bright fabrics with light colors help relax the body and mind and think.
Naopak, určité požiadavky má aj svetelná intenzita miestnostioponas. S dostatkom svetla si môžete vybrať gázu, tenké bavlnené alebo hodvábne tkaniny. Izba nie je príliš prísna s požiadavkami na svetlo, spravidla sú najlepšou voľbou bavlnené alebo ľanové tkaniny.
Tip 4: Dizajn a farba.
Choosing the right color is of great help to the design of the entire room. The main color of oponas should be compatible with the main color of the room. Complementary colors or similar colors are allowed. On the contrary, the contrast of cold and warm colors in a small area can serve as an embellishment.
Ak máte radi moderný dizajnový štýl, môžete zvoliť obyčajnýoponas, which are simple and not procrastinating; for elegant ones, you can choose light-grained oponas, which are magnificent and elegant; for those who like to return to the rural style, the opona cloth with small patterns or small flowers should be It fits your mood best; for those who are more luxurious, you will probably choose plain or German-style oponas with large flower patterns.